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07 February 2012 @ 01:56 pm
Ah, so as so many do, I'm here looking for a long ago read that I can't seem to remember the name, author, or even location! I thought I had figured it out after reading someone's rec list, but realized I was mistaken.

In this fic, Snape and Hermione are some sort of detectives? I want to say Snape has actually been hiding out/on the run, and Hermione finds them and they join forces? They're looking for a dark wizard who keeps making his mark known by brutally killing children (I think I remember a gruesome image of them being flayed), and it's hinted at that Harry (who disappeared after the war) may be the dark wizard. I think I remember it being somewhere on the continent, involving a small village and mountains.

I'M DESPERATE. I'm so hopeful it's finished somewhere. Anyone know of this tale?