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ISO four fics

I recently stumbled back into fandom and can't for the life of me find these two fics, and two fics the authors took down and I never thought to ask if anyone had saved it!

1. Hermione is captured by Snape as a Death Eater. I know she ends up getting pregnant/having an abortion? The last scene is Ron talking with an imprisoned Snape about Hermione after the war. Pretty sure it was on Ashwinder. It's not Shades, or Traitor by avery.

2. Hermione and Snape in a pre-DH or pre-HBP post-war setting are in some European village researching a possible new dark lord, inferred to be Harry because he's disappeared.

3. I believe it was called A Winter's Tale? I know the author took it down for some reason, but Hermione is taking care of a mentally stunted Snape post-war, but I think it turns out he was more with it than he let on? I remember important scenes being in a back garden.

4. Coming Back to Myself by Rilla. Young Hermione is raped by Sirius, including in dog form, and Snape rescues her; told from both their perspectives. I PMd her back in the day wondering if she'd share it but never heard back.

Fic: Cold Hearts and Muddy Understandings

Pairings: Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger/Severus Snape
Rating: a cautious R
Timeline: Set in the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts.  AU, in that Snape lives.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling.


When the dust has settled; when the spent curses in the air have faded to a prickle; when the sounds of pain and terror whimper their way to silence–
When the battle is over, what happens next?
Hermione Granger has been active in the fight against evil since she was twelve years old. With victory comes the opportunity to take stock of the more ordinary aspects to her life. She can finally consider the choices that most young women get to make: lifestyle, career, romance.
But the trauma she has known has left its mark. And even before her life took a turn towards constant life-or-death, Hermione was far from ordinary. Her friends are looking to their own futures. Her parents don't remember her. Her surrogate family is in mourning. The Wizarding World has always viewed her as an outsider. Hermione realises she is, in many ways, alone.
It does not take long before she finds herself wishing fervently for the welcome distraction of another dark wizard. Life was so much simpler when priority number one was keeping Harry Potter alive...

Read the story on AO3:

Fic `search

I can't for the life of me remember the title of the fic, but Hermione starts out still a student. It's relatively short--10 chapters or thereabouts-- and jumps forward in time. It's definitely in the comfort category--Hermione mothers Severus and later, when they have a child, she simultaneously nurses him and their baby. I remember it being rather popular or from a popular author.

Sorry, I can only remember snippets. Anyone know which one I am talking about?

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New fic!

TITLE: The Eighth Year
AUTHOR: rad_braybury
WARNINGS: Deals with war-related PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, flawed coping mechanisms, existential angst, etc.
LENGTH: 17,000 (WIP, updated on a weekly basis, will be epic-length fic)
NOTES: Beta'd by LaviniaLavender. EWE, Snape Lives, post-Second Voldemort War, emphasis on world building and psychological drama.
SUMMARY: Hermione returns to Hogwarts to finish her formal schooling while dealing with the fallout from the war. Snape is being held prisoner for crimes committed while working as a double-agent for the Order of the Phoenix. With Snape at the mercy of the Wizengamot, Hermione can’t rest until he’s free. But that freedom comes at a price: his memories, and her secrets. And Hermione has far too many secrets.
LINK: here on AO3

Please read & review. Concrit is heartily welcomed. Also am potentially looking for a second beta-reader. Let me know if you're interested!
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Witch Fics Down, too? :(

Hello all.

It looks like Witch Fics is down now, too (in addition to Digital Quill, Restricted Section, owl.tauri, Grangerenchanted, and Obscurus Books, but those are older news.)  How sad!  I hope the fan-fiction community finds a way to archive these stories so they aren't lost.  :(

In the meantime, does anybody have a link or a copy of The Other Side of Darkness and the sequel, Survivals and Remembrances by Abby?  That was one of my favorite fics hosted at Witch Fics and it looks like I hadn't downloaded it yet.  As far as I know, the authors haven't intentionally removed their works, so I hope my request is okay?  My e-mail is ladywilwarin [at] hotmail [dot] com.  Thank you!


Hello SSHG fans! I recently discovered that one of my favorite SSHG writers - Hannah-1888 - has removed all her work from fan Any chance that anyone out there has a copy of Diary of a Nobody? or any of her other work? I am not sure I can go on without the opportunity to read that story again. No one writes Severus Snape better, or funnier, IMO. Thanks!
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Obscurus Books and Digital Quill down?

I am wondering if anyone has a link/pdf/copy of Tyger, Tyger by bloodcult?  All of the links I had bookmarked are broken.  I Googled as well, and didn't see anything that suggested the author intentionally took it down - I know it's bad form to ask for something the author wanted removed - so I'm thinking maybe since it's an older fic the links are simply oudated?  It was my favorite fic of all time back in the day and I'm so sad I can't find it anymore.  :( My e-mail is  Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Looks like the author did take it down, so I have to rescind my request.

I am freaking out going over my old fan-fiction links, though, as it looks like Obscurus Books as well as Digital Quill are both down.  I am missing a big pile of fics, although Googling alt links is replacing most of them.
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Fic Search

I have been looking for a specific fic for several years & hope somebody here may be able to help. I cannot remember the Tile or even the author.

I began reading it about 7 yrs ago, when it was only a few chapters long. It was incredibly well written, and I decided to put it on hold until it was finished, & I could enjoy the whole thing in one go. (I can read an average sized novel in just a few hours)

It was set mid-Hogwarts era, & Snape was still a spy. He became aware of planned attacks against muggle-born students during the holidays. He knew of a planned rape & attack on Hermione, and wanted to protect her, but not expose himself as a spy.

He decided that the attack would need to go ahead, and polyjuiced himself into Hermione to take her place, figuring that himself being raped one more time would make no difference.
He hid Hermione, and took her place in her bed, and was duly attacked and raped. It was more painful & unpleasant than he expected, because Hermione was a virgin, and he experienced quite severe abdominal pain & inuries.

The last scene I read was Snape & Hermione talking on a park bench somewhere, as he explained what had happened & that she would need to protect herself from now on. He was still in pain, even though he had reverted back to his own body, and he'd begun to wonder if it was possible for him to have conceived a child during the attack when he was female.

I have never been able to find this fic again, and would be VERY grateful if anybody has any information on it, or one that sounds similar.


Like Shadows In The Winter Sky

Hello fellow SSxHG fans! I've been trying to track down an html copy of Resmiranda's amazing fanfic Like Shadows...for personal enjoyment but haven't had any luck. I was hoping to to reach out to the community to see if someone had one or more parts of the trilogy they could email me? I'd appreciate it so much!
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Looking for a long-term beta for my SS/HG WIP!

Hey, all!

I was hoping to find someone interested in Beta'ing my current WIP. It's AU, HPB compliant, with elements of DH canon. The fic itself takes place during war time, it is dark and full of angst, with a rating that is currently Mature.

While I currently have a Beta, she's a long-time friend and we both agreed she'd help me until I found someone more permanent. I've had a long absence from the world of fanfiction, and most of the friendships I formed way back when, are no longer apart of the fandom.

If you're at all interested, the first two chapters are posted at Ashwinder and Granger Enchanted! My Penname is Cliche, and the story is titled, 'A Man's Heart'. As of right now, I do have the following six chapters written, and I'm making progress on the next!

Thank you!